Tuesday, November 16, 2010

If I Twittered

Does anybody out there do tweets? Twitter is the program actually. I don’t. Maybe if I ever became a movie star or President people would be interested in what I do on a minute to minute basis. But blogging is self-indulgent enough.

Still, I wondered if I did twitter, what would I tweet about? Going over events of the past week, I pondered this and came up with some sample tweets. Remember, they can’t be over 140 characters long so a tweet needs to be short and sweet.

My ‘’ isn’t typing. Frustrting. Need new keybord. Wit minute. @h h@! Think I found the @nswer.

RIP Doogie 2 years ago today. Miss u, your ‘bird’ impression, your love of pizza and your outrage at ringing phones.

On a roll, UM Wolverines, 2 wins 2 wks, and my ff Mock Draft Bloggers, 3 wins 3 wks. Is that nephew Vic fading in my rear view mirror?

(That last one was tough, 140 characters exactly)

Need Daniel-san’s help. Pro floor sander can’t come for month. Room empty, furniture out now. OK, I rent sander. Wax on, wax off.

Why does waitress keep calling me honey, sweetie, sweetheart? I’m 57, not 7!

Training session today for new software we’re getting at work. 4 trainers, all under 30. Boy do I feel old.

Key West guide came in mail today. Duval Street here I come. Can’t wait to waste away in Margaritaville. Maybe before year’s end.

Winners this week: Wendy, $5 scratch-off. My sister/her husband, raffle trip to Bahamas. Wendy needs to set her sights higher.


Blogger Lynilu said...

I don't tweet. Perhaps because I'm not a bird, I just don't get it.

Like you, I can't imagine that my daily activities are that interesting to others. Lord knows, theirs aren't to me! A couple friends on Facebook post their tweets to FB, and I "hid" them (meaning all their tweets don't show up on my page) because I was really tired of hearing where they were having a bagel, which subway or train they were on at the moment, where and which sub sandwich they just ordered, etc. Perhaps their local friends liked it, but those were places I'd not heard of and it was just too much clogging up my page. Believe it or not, these were not teenagers, but people in their late 30s through 50s.

Nope, blogging and FB are enough for me, and I know you're not even into FB. I struggle with the idea of Big Dave tweeting. NOOOOOO!!!


7:16 AM  
Blogger Carine said...

I do tweet Dave. I'm not that into it-however, the closest I've come to getting a fulltime job in the last 26 months, the people told me that they were very happy I was into the "social media" as it was VERY important to their idea platform.

Now they wound up not hiring me b/c they said they didn't think I had the stamina (read that legalese for too old)to keep up w/ what they said was the average age group of the rest of the team they were building.

Funny, I though ageism was illegal, but I guess when you put things in certain verbage-then it doesn't count.

was thinking about tweeting that.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

LYNILU--Don't worry; I have no plans to tweet. There wouldn't be enough things to write about. Some days I have trouble coming up with blogs. Thankfully, nobody on my Facebook does Twitter. At least I don't think so. Some people do post to Facebook a lot though.

CARINE--Hang in there. Something will break for you. Some people look for the older, more experienced workers as they're more dependable. Maybe you could write a book about your job-hunting experiences. Just this past week I saw the name of one of my old blogging buddies on the USA Today best seller's list.

2:32 PM  
Blogger TechnoBabe said...

Tweet doesn't interest me and I haven't tried it. I don't see the purpose of it for me in my little life. I text my kids and email family and friends. That's enough communication in my book. I don't want a hundred people knowing every time I scratch my nose. Ha.Good post, Dave.

2:53 AM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

TECHNOBABE--Thanks. Your life doesn't seem that little to me, not after reading your blog. Mine's more ordinary. I don't even text anybody. Don't even have a cell phone.

4:32 AM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Dave ~~ I am on Facebook, but only to check up on my grandkids and
what they are doing. Twitter - never
I prefer to blog and keep in touch that way with my blogging friends.
Yes we have Petunias over here. I have a few in my garden and a hanging basket with some in it. I
take it super petunias would be large oneGlad you liked the jokes.
Take care, my friend, Regards, Merle

4:36 AM  
Blogger Yoga in Mirrormont said...

A little bird (actually a badger) told me that you don't need to twitter for your team to be twits. Sorry for your bad luck yesterday. Ouch!

4:13 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

MERLE--That super petunia was pretty cool. I got dozens of blooms out of just one plant, and they lasted through the first frost.

YOGA IN MIRRORMONT--You don't sound too sorry. If we had won, it would have helped your Rose Bowl chances, so it was your bad luck too. If we beat Ohio State, that will help you as well. So I trust you will become a big maize n' blue fan this week. Let's hear a chorus of Hail to the Victors, with gusto!

3:59 AM  
Blogger CAROLDEE said...

I tweet only occasionally now.. use Facebook more than ever!

1:37 PM  

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