Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boy Versus Girl

My daughter-in-law Lindsay went in for an ultrasound last week with her husband, my son Greg. They were excited because they expected the tests to show the sex of the baby due next February.

I'm not sure I understand why so many couples these days are willing to spoil one of the surprises of birth, but maybe it's a generational thing. Besides, if they wanted to know the sex of the unborn child, I could have told them.

It goes back to when my parents first got married over a half century to go. Very shortly after they were married, they visited my father's ciocia Vickie. Ciocia is Polish for aunt and my father's Aunt Vickie always seemed a mystical character whose advice and predictions were respected in the family.

Put it this way. If ciocia Vickie had been around during the time of the Salem witch hunts, it would have behooved her to keep a low profile.

Anyway, aunt Vickie said our family would be blessed with boys. My parents had three boys, only one girl. And Vickie's pronouncement held true for the next generation as well as my parents were blessed with seven grandsons, no grandaughters.

I am told that my brother Tim, when expecting his third child after having two boys, asked my mother to go to Aunt Vickie's grave to ask her to "lift the spell" so to speak. And my mother did go to the cemetery with his request . . . to no avail. Another boy.

So, yes, Greg and Lindsay are expecting a boy.

Anyway, I'm trying something new here. One of my blogging buddies here asked about the lacquered rock I mentioned in a blog a couple weeks ago. I tried to take a picture but acccidentally took a movie instead. Even better, right? So I posted a little video clip of my lacquered rock. They would make great Christmas gifts, don't you think? Cheap too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...I don't recall your rock looking like that when you found it. Are you sure it's the same rock? Hope you get my name for Christmas this year :-)...Sis Sue

6:15 PM  
Blogger Lynilu said...

With both my kids, I "just knew" what I was having, and I was right. People kept saying I would be disappointed if I was wrong, but I knew I would be OK with either boy or girl, but I KNEW! I was so sure I bought boy things the first time and girl things the second. And I was right!

Is everyone happy with having another boy in the family? Truly, who cares? Babies are wonderful!

And that rock .... uhmmm. Interesting. If you draw my name at the gift exchange, just send me good thoughts, OK? Rocks I got! Not lacquered, but ....

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alright, alright!!!! another southern Talaga for me to dominate in the FFL.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

SUE--Oh sure, you comment here but you don't answer my e-mail. I thought you were still up in Posen.

Yeah, same rock. Shows you what about eight coats of spray lacquer will do. Which was your idea, remember.

LYNILU--Lindsay was hoping for a boy, I think, because there are three granddaughters on her side, no boys yet. We would have been happy with either.

ANONYMOUS--You better respect my team this year. They're going to dominate. Kinda like Michigan's going to do this year.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous betty said...

I didn't want to find out the sex of my baby. When I had my last ultrasound after being admitted to the hospital to give birth, I was told by the midwife that it was a girl! I know you're not supposed to care, but I wanted a boy, having always been more comfortable with males. The birth was very difficult, maybe because I was crushed. Then it turned out to be a boy after all. That midwife should have kept her mouth shut. And maybe you'd better warn Lindsay and Greg....

I enjoyed your video, for its brevity if nothing else.


3:52 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

BETTY--Wonder what made that midwife think it was a girl. True, you never know, but I've seen the ultrasound pictures myself. They're quite detailed, don't leave a whole lot to the imagination if you know what I mean.

3:55 AM  
Blogger TechnoBabe said...

Yay, a boy!! This is getting exciting isn't it??
The lacquered rock is pretty but I can see eyes and a slanted smile on it, you could paint them black and heck, it would be a great present. Just not a baby present.

4:16 AM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Dave ~~ Your Aunt Vickie sounded like an interesting character.
I am glad the ultra sound showed the baby's sex as they wanted to know.
It was unheard of 56 years ago when I had my first son. I love the rock and it looks like the face of a whale.
I enjoyed the visit with those two larrikins. They have known each other for 40 years and are like brothers(who argue and squabble) Our floods have all but gone from the area, but sorry you almost stepped in a poodle.
Take care my friend, Regards, Merle

4:08 AM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

TECHNOBABE--Yeah, getting excited. I was looking at cribs this week as Wendy and I said we would take care of that. Five months still does seem like a long way off though.

MERLE--I think when we had our kids about 25 years ago, you could find out the sex by doing an amniocentesis, but that was painful. Of course, we never did that.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Yoga in Mirrormont said...

Congrats on your upcoming grandson, Dave! Nice video, too, but I like this one better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNdCbC36Qyk&feature=related

I never knew the sex of my babies until they were born. I love surprises!

I also like to stun people and beat the clock!

GO GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!

8:20 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

BONNIE--Gutsy call but there's photographic evidence that the Spartans DIDN'T beat clock on that climactic play. Shades of that U of M/MSU game in East Lansing when time stood still for you then too.

Still, it was a great game and congrats.

4:00 AM  
Blogger Nankin said...

Hi Dave, I haven't been around in a while. Love the rock. I once varnished a tree stump.

Anyway, whether it's a boy or girl, babies are such a blessing. I knew both time what the sex of my child was because I had the amniocentesis done for other reasons.

I was happy as long as they were healthy. Two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, one nose and one mouth.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Carine said...

how wonderful for all of you Dave! boys are terrific, says this grandma to two! less hormones to deal with.

glad I finally got home to read this-hotels and my husband's laptop were not my journalistic friends.
as for the rock-you are so tech savvy! I can't get a pic or a video on here.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe they will name the baby....."David".....

9:52 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

NANKIN--Welcome back. I'm of the same mind. I really didn't care as long as the baby is healthy.

CARINE--I'm planning on taking my laptop with me to the hotel as the wife and I visit our son in DC. I hope the internet works. I've been hearing a lot of horror stories about hotel internet connections.

ANONYMOUS--As far as I know they don't have any names picked out. It's possible.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:50 PM  

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