Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Happy Octoberfest!

I liked the above picture I took a week ago in Pittsburg so much that I decided to compose a blog around it. It's a cool shot, no?

The picture was taken at the Hofbrauhaus on Pittsburg's south side. This German style beer hall becomes very popular around this time because it is the centerpiece of the Octoberfest celebration that happens in the area.

Across the street, huge tents were being erected adjacent to rows upon row of portajohns. Ah, I can hear the strains of accordion music as I type here. And the polkas, German toasts and drinkings songs.

Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi.

I have no idea what the above means, but it was part of a toast we did in the Hofbrauhaus. "When in Rome . . . "

Now, here's some irony. About 30 miles north of Pittsburg, we stopped for the night in a town along the turnpike. Tired and thirsty with nerves jangling from traffic, I thought I would hunt down a brewski. Nothing at the 7-11, nor at a nearby gas station.

Finally found a large supermarket open 24 hours. I went up and down the aisles, quickly finding the soda and sports drinks, but not even a Michelob Ultra Lite. Then I saw a stash of O'Douls. Must be getting close. I saw Old Milwaukee NA, Budweiser NA . . . hmmmmm, a pattern is developing here. When I saw a bottle of Chardonnay with "alcohol removed" prominently stamped on the label, I figured out the obvious. A dry town.

Wonder how they celebrate Octoberfest.

We did bring back some beer particular to Pennsylvania that's not available here in Michigan--Yuengling Black and Tan. Now we just have to find an Octoberfest celebration around here or something to celebrate ourselves. A U of M victory over Michigate State this weekend would be nice.


Blogger Carine said...

it is a great shot Dave! We had a great show of this same type in epcot in Germany.

As for the bottle of "dealcoholized" Chardonnay-only type I've had since my diagnosis.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Yoga in Mirrormont said...

I would suggest that you celebrate the Reformation, but that would probably be about as likely as U of M beating MSU this Saturday.

I will be celebrating with an Issaquah ale from Rogue Brewery called Menage a Frog. 'Cause frogs are GREEN and I love GREEN!


11:57 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

CARINE--Isn't de-alcoholized wines just grape juice then? My pharmacist told me that I shouldn't drink alcohol with the medications I take. So I fixed that right away. Found a new pharmacist.

YOGA IN MIRRORMONT--If you know any Spartans going to the game, tell them to behave themselves. My son is an usher and he's worried about havoc in his section which includes visiting fans.

My wife is a big fan of Frog Island Creme Ale. I never made the connection with green though. Thought frogs were kind of a slimy seaweed color.

4:00 AM  
Blogger TechnoBabe said...

This is a great picture. You did a good job with it. I love the colors and the musicians faces. You can have a celebration any day in October with as many friends and family you have. Happy Octoberfest.

4:16 AM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

TECHNOBABE--I just got lucky with the picture. That's one thing I like about digital cameras. You can take as many pictures as you want and just delete the bad ones.

3:54 AM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Dave ~~ Great photo - well done.
I thought Octoberfest was only celebrated in Germany.Live and learn.
Apparently not in Michigan, though.
Thanks for your comments and the red lettuce is sort of brownish or wine color and popular in salads here. I think you would have had it to eat.
I still take medications for diabetes as well as the cinnamon. Glad you liked the airline jokes, I have never flown and don't plan to start at 76. Take care, my
friend, Regards, Merle.

12:09 AM  
Blogger Yoga in Mirrormont said...

Rose Bowls are red;
Frog ale is GREEN.
As I hoist my SPARTAN victory beer
I'll try not to be too mean.

Wish I'd been in your Big House;
I would have had a ball.
Will Wolverines never learn?
Pride comes before the fall!

Maybe your next post should be about little brothers...

12:06 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

MERLE--I think there's a lot of transplanted Germans living in the U.S. And we're always embracing celebrations that involve beer drinking. They drink beer in Australia too, right?

YOGA IN MIRRORMONT (back again--surprise, surprise) Isn't the exact Biblical quote "Pride goeth before the fall", Ms. Reformation? By the way, I heard that yoga is considered un-Christian. Not saying that it's true. I'm just repeating what I heard.

Anyhoo, to show you no hard feelings, here's a joke for ya. What do U of M students and MSU students have in common? Answer: they all applied to the U of M.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Yoga in Mirrormont said...

Wolverines must learn to sucketh up
Whenever they lose/f***eth up.

Pride doth goeth
When Michigan bloweth.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

YOGA IN MIRRORMONT--Cute. My father who is a fan of your comments here will get a kick out of this one. And since he's undergoing radiation therapy right now, he can use a chuckle or two.

As my MSU partisan supervisor (who was off today so whose taunts I've yet to endure) says, losing bothers Wolverine fans more than Spartan fans because Spartans are used to it. Remember, he said it, not I.

4:10 PM  

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