Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Return Of Mike

Wasn't there a Halloween sequel entitled Halloween: The Return of Michael Myers? Of course, he was just a movie character. Halloween at our house this year also featured the return of Mike. But this Mike is my nephew and he's real. Check out my 'haunted' front yard in the photo above and you'll see him seated at our front door in his wolfman get-up.

Mike likes to come over to my house to entertain the trick-or-treaters who like a little boo with their Baby Ruths.

That wasn't too easy at first since the neighborhood's costumed beggars began showing up at our doorstep at 6 p.m., when it was still quite light out. When Mike lurked threateningly in our front room behind me as I passed out candy, one youngster nattily dressed in a pin-striped suit said, "You don't scare me", then pulled out a toy tommy gun and blasted Mike through the open door.

So Mike tried banging on the inside of our steel garage door. Scared my wife Wendy but didn't do much to phase the youngsters a few feet on the other side. Then Mike moved outside, finding a chair that he put in front of our garage and sat in, next to a trash can that he rigged up with a black cape hanging out of it (can't remember what his inspiration was there). Still only a tepid response.

Now it was starting to get dark, so Mike moved his chair right up to the door. He also stuffed a pillow under his sweatshirt so he appeared to be more dummy than real. Then the fun finally started.

A little girl came up to our door and seeing Mike slumped in his chair assumed it was a dummy. She tapped his head which brought Mikey to life with a "Growwwrrrrrrrrr." She fled the porch screaming until she was safely at her father's side over on the sidewalk. No amount of coaxing could bring her back to get her candy.

New plan. No scaring the trick-or-treaters.

So Mike sat silently, stoic, only occasionally moving as droves of youngsters came up for their treat. That didn't make the kids any less wary. Most of the time their eyes didn't leave the wolfman sitting in the chair next to them as they approached, got their treat, said 'thank you' and left. I could have been handing out broccoli and they would have been none the wiser.

A few patted his belly. One asked, "What are you supposed to be? Are you supposed to be a chihuahua?" There was debate whether he was real or not. "I think he's real. That knee looks very human," one kid commented.

One mother stood a distance away as she worried that this monster might spring to life and frighten her charges. I shook my head. "He's been told," I assured her.

However, another girl after getting her treat returned to her father in the driveway with her report. "It's just a dummy," she said. At the same time, the dad's eyes widened and he bent over in a fit of laughter. "He moved," the father said. The little girl wheeled around with an ever so serious look of horrific revelation.

Ahhh, Halloween. I'm sure our neighborhood kids will have memories for years to come, both good and not so good. By the way, isn't that a cool pumpkin I carved? Here's another picture below. He's getting ready to hurl his little brother.


Blogger Yoga in Mirrormont said...

How about the return of Michael Moore?

10:05 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

YOGA IN MIRRORMONT--The hat is scary but I think his influence has waned with last night's result, just as MSU's waned with Saturday's result.

My dad wanted me to pass along to you that I only "trounced" his fantasy football team by three points this past weekend. Guess he figured you would understand the significance of moral victories.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Carine said...

it seems you, our daughter and my sister got all the trick-or-treaters!

our neighborhood is a bunch of ignorers! this was our "biggest" year ever, in all 21 years-we had 4 kids at 8:45! needless to say-Steve took all the unwanted loot to his office as hand outs for his classes on test days.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

CARINE--Our subdivision is one with homes close together, so kids come from the surrounding countryside to trick or treat here. Very safe too with little traffic and lots of auxiliary police.

I should take our leftovers to work too. They're too tempting at home.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Dave ~~ Your nephew Mike must be a scary looking sight in his Wolfman
suit. At least you got rid of lots of the candy. I can guess what happened to the left overs. I didn't know what a tootsie roll was so googled it. I agree with your wife over those large vehicles. I had fun with one larger than usual on Thursday, that I spoke of in my post. Take care my friend, Regards, Merle.

2:21 AM  

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