Friday, November 03, 2006


I didn't make up that word, the one in my subject title. You can find it in Google, though not in Oxford. I believe it means a blog or blogger that has gone on hiatus. That's what I need to do here. I've decided to try another creative writing endeavor, at least for a while. It's that NaNoMo project where wannabe writers like myself try their hand at creating a novel, or novella, during the month of November.

This is probably a good time to hiatus anyway as my internet access has been problematic at best. I just haven't been able to blog nor visit blogs the way I want. Okay, I have competing interests too, like fantasy football right now. But the fact that I'm losing my free access to the internet at home isn't helping. Also, my home computer wants to do its own thing more and more, instead of doing what I want. So I probably need better internet access or a better computer. Most likely both.

Though I can't say when and how I will return, I would like to take this opportunity to say how (A) Touched (B) Flattered and (C) Humbled I am at the attention I've received here at this site. I will try to "make the rounds" occasionally as I learn much from you and your life experiences. Since I don't subscribe to any newspapers or magazines and rarely ever crack a book, what I read at your blogs pretty much shapes my view of life and the world around me. It's always educational, fun too.


Big Dave