Monday, December 24, 2012

A (hard) Christmas Carol Quiz

     My extended family had their annual holiday get-together this past weekend.  I was in charge of the games.   Since I enjoy Christmas carols, I made up the fill-in-the-blank carol quiz below.  It turned out to be fairly difficult.  How many do you think you could get . . .

     By now you've probably heard the same Christmas carols so many times you know them by heart.  Here's a chance for a payoff.  Each lyric below is taken from a popular Christmass carol but one word is missing.  Just fill in the missing word.  If there is more than one blank in any lyric, the same word is used in each blank.  If that isn't easy enough, the missing word is also in the title of the song. 

__________ was sure this was the end when the baron cried out, “Merry Christmas, my friend.”

It’s not Christmas without _____________. All the family’s dressed in black.

Santa can’t bring me what I need, cause all I want for Christmas is ________

Santa ________, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring.

Christmas _________ is here. Happiness and cheer.

_________ ___________ _____________ _____________. Born is the King of Israel.

Said the little lamb, to the shepherd boy, do you ______ what I ________.

To go gliding in a one horse-sleigh, Giddy-up _______ horse, pick up your feet.

It’s time we hung some tinsel on that evergreen bow, for I’ve grown a ________ leaner.

What if spring is late, it’s a sugar date. In winter it’s a ______________ world.

_______ bells, _________ bells, It’s Christmas time in the city.

I'm handing you no blarney the likes you've never known, It’s Christmas in _________ with all of the folks at home.

And when the ________ snowflakes start falling, that’s when those _________ memories start calling.

        How'd you do?  The winner in our family got nine right with a five-minute time limit on the quiz.  And nobody got the last one correct.