Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Shhhhh, He's Sleeping

       Another day spent watching my grandson, who is napping right now as I write this.  In fact, I snuck in to take this picture a few minutes ago.  Of course, the flash going off woke him up but I just used it as an excuse to tuck him in better and let him drift back off to dreamland.

      Tuesdays are the day I watch my eldest grandson, Grant.  He's a cutie, isn't he?

       Hmmmm, looking at this picture too reminds me that I forgot to wash the peanut butter and jelly off his little mug after lunch.  *Sigh*  And he's not wearing his shirt because it got soaked when he and I were watering my vegetable garden out back.  His shorts are a little wet too but I figured his diaper probably works both ways, right?

       This is the fourth or fifth time I've watched him.  The first two times grandma Wendy helped to watch him to build my confidence.  It's been a long time since I've taken care of anyone under the age of three.

       I'm prepared though, having recorded 14 episodes of his favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the DVR.  We also usually visit what Grant calls "the castle", a large play structure at a local park.  Then the library is only a few blocks away, which has puppets, toys and large stuffed animals.  Books too but his interest in those usually lags behind.  We read one book today, which he picked out and happened to be the same book he picked out last time.  It's not even an interesting story.

      We also play outside, his favorite game being basketball.  I put his little basketball hoop up near the driveway so we both can shoot baskets, him with his little toy b-ball hoop and me with the backboard and net set up on the garage.  "I'm going to shoot three baskets," is his usual comment, though I don't understand why three is such an important number to him.  Heck, that wouldn't even put him in double figures if he were playing a real game.

      Then along comes a plane which is always interesting enough to interrupt play to check out.  And before long he's dragging out footballs, softballs, a volleyball . . . anything round that's involved with a sport.  And he likes me to turn my bike upside down so I can spin the wheels really fast.  Sometimes I'll press a cardboard flap against the tire or spokes to imitate the sound of a motorcycle.

      But I heard him say "Owwwww" after he put his own hand on the spinning wheel.  Guess I should have seen that one coming.  Bumpa's still learning.  At least he didn't try to grap the spinning spokes.  That would have been worse.

      Well, I best check on him again as I heard him whimper and stir.  I promised him a cookie or a donut if he took a good nap.  Nothing wrong with that, right?