Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where It All Began

     Oh, oh.

     I've been blogging just fine for six years and now Blogspot is conspiring with Google to make it difficult.  The page is a mess, there's no way I can see to upload pictures, and everything's different.  There's a note that switching to Google Chrome will make it all better.  But I like my old browser just as much as I like my old Blogspot blog.  If the change is a scam to make me use all things Google, it won't work.

    I see my blogging buddy Merle is thinking of retiring if she can't get her own blog to work.  Same here.

    Speaking of good old days, while visiting my son Scott in Washington D.C., we took a day trip over to historic Jamestown.  As the tourist brochures say, walk on the same ground where Pocahontas and John Smith walked over four centuries ago.  And we did.

    Historic Jamestown is as much an archeological site as a historic re-creation of the original town and fort.  During the summer archeologists continue excavating the grounds which still hold a treasure trove of artifacts from the first settlers here (no treasure though).

    Scott and I talked to one local historian who showed us where Pocahontas married John Rolfe, pointed out the well that served as a dumping ground for just about everything when the well went bad, and showed us a picture of Bill Kelso.  Bill was a local archeologist instrumental in the restoration project ongoing. 

   The museum on the site testifies to how difficult life was for the first European settlers in the New World.  Disease, starvation and attacks by hostile natives cut the number of Jamestown residents from 500 to less than a hundred.  It's a testament to the will of those remaining that they survived, let alone eventually thrived.

   I wanted to post a few pictures here, but Blogger had other ideas.  So forget that.

   Anyway, it's hard to picture what life was like back then.  When Chief Powhatan ordered his braves to kill any settlers who wandered outside the triangular fort that protected them, those inside were forced to eat anything they could find, which included the horses they brought with them across the Atlantic.  And still many starved.

    I guess my own problem of trying to deal with a new blog template is trivial by comparison.  At least the first settlers had an Indian princess to help them.  What I need is a tech savvy Pocahontas. 







Blogger CAROLDEE said...

Yeah I saw what they did.. I dont like it either.. I wont stop they can't make me..but I did try chrome with it. It's okay I just have to learn my way around all of it. Sit and play with it and you will find everything eventually. I hate when they mess with stuff and don't tell us. Hope you stick around.. I can read it just fine LOL..

8:41 PM  
Blogger Carine said...

I left a comment here last wednesday Dave-is this yet another plot w/ blogspot against us???

How did you get the paragraphs to work??

I've been trying and it still looks like I have no idea how to do them and like huge blocks of writing!

I even left a message on the worthless "help" board.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

CAROLDEE--I wish I had your determination. It just seems that every new "update" is just another attempt to invade your privacy. Don't like it.

CARINE--I think the conpsiracy involves the whole internet, at least those who are in it to make money, e.g. Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc.

I just hit another return when I want a space between paragraphs. I've never figured out how to do the 'indent' though.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Merle said...

Hi Dave ~~ I still prefer the old Blogger but have worked out if you hit the picture inn the dashboard it works as before. Right at the top is a Publish and Save as we used to do.
Tomorrow will be my third try. See how that goes.
Peter is coming down from Queensland 1000 miles away for a visit which will give me a great lift of spirits as we get on so well and I haven't seen him for about 18 months. I hope he is not too shocked at my appearance. I have shrunk, lost weight and can only walk with my frame.
We both have birthdays at the end of May, me 78 and little brother 76.
I will miss your blog Dave
but you may reconsider.
Takeheers, Merle.

7:03 AM  

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