Saturday, July 21, 2012

Still Suspending But

Time really does fly. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost three months since I’ve written here last. I decided to add a blog just to update those interested, particularly my good blogging buddy Merle who dutifully posts a comment on my old blog when I visit her’s.

Not that I’m returning to regular blogging. I’m still grumpy over Google’s blogspot update and the internet in general. Facebook substituted their own e-mail address for my usual one on their site, Yahoo wants to let all my Facebook friends know what I read (who cares, really) and my favorite pages take eons to loan because of all social networking links and ads that websites INSIST I need to have in front of me at all times.

Doesn’t help that my computer is still balky as ever, despite my trying to recover it to where it was almost a year ago. Almost tempted to buy a new one . . . almost.

Anyway, my free time lately has been devoted to planning a trip to Europe come September. The flight tickets have been purchased for me and Wendy so there’s no backing out. I’m planning the itinerary which I hope will include a trip to Paris as well as one to Scotland. Towards this goal, I’ve already made one other important purchase besides plane tickets—anxiety pills.

Otherwise, life is much the same as the last time I blogged, though there were a few newsworthy events. We camped in June near Lake Michigan as we do annually, and stopped at our favorite pizza place for dinner like we almost always do too. Later on the night we dined there the pizza shop burned to the ground. That was sad to hear the next morning.

My found-on-the-ground fund, which I’ve dedicated to paying for future travels, received a boost when I picked up a $100 bill not too long ago. That should pay for tea and crumpets there in ‘Old Blighty’.

The heat has been hellacious around here lately. It’s like a sauna everytime you go outside. Today is cooler though. Despite the humidity, we’ve had little rain, but I’ve been watering my patio garden religiously. Tomatoes are ripening on the vine and I’m anticipating they’ll be ready for BLTs next week.

Finally, I can’t close without a grandson story. Grant’s a frequent visitor here and is always begging me to read him a story. One time I pulled out a book of nursery rhymes which included Old McDonald. The little guy is familiar with that song. So I sang it to him . . .

“Old McDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-oh. And on that farm he had a duck, ee-i-ee-i-oh. With a duck duck here and a duck duck there.”
“Quack,” Grant interrupted.

You know you’re losing it when you’re getting corrected by your 18-month-old grandkid.