Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Old Thinking

My buddy Bob, who is the same age as I, recently declared it's official. "We ARE old." To back up his declaration, he described a recent incident that occurred while he was waiting to teach a class at a college down south.

Passing by a restaurant, he observed a notice posted on a restaurant door with the eye-catching headline, "Attention Seniors." Ah ha, he thought. Perhaps they were advertising a hefty senior citizen discount.

So he began reading the fine print, wondering what the cut-off age was and exactly what the discount would be. A few minutes into reading, he realized that the sign wasn't meant for him. It was meant for the seniors at the college next door. Adding to his consternation was the fact that he would be teaching a class of seniors in about an hour.

Yeah, been there myself. And it's becoming a frequent stop too. I recounted in response my own story. Wendy and I were in the express lane at the local grocery store when my wife wondered aloud what the daily special was this particular day.

This grocery store runs a super special each day, half off or better on a popular staple. While Wendy stayed in line, I ran for the sign. Briefly noting that the Monday special was bananas, I raced back to inform Wendy who said to quickly grab some.

Since she was nearing the checkout, I had to hurry but I grabbed a bunch and jogged back, throwing the bananas on the belt just as her turn came. Boo-yeah. But when the cashier rang them up, they rang up at regular price.

"Aren't these on special?" My wife asked.

"That was yesterday," the clerk responded.

What?? Did I mis-read the sign? I thought it was highly unlikely that the store would discount a popular item like bananas on Sunday, a busy weekend shopping day. More likely they would discount something like pineapple or baguettes.

We paid and walked away, but as we passed the sign, I tapped the Monday special with a look that told Wendy that I was right--it was the cashier who screwed up.

"It's Tuesday," Wendy said.

Oh. Oh, well. Chalk it up to age, like my buddy Bob says.

I'm posting a couple Christmas pictures to close. Wendy is responsible for the indoor decorations at our bay window, I set up the faux Christmas tree in the backyard. By the way, the yard is not tilted like that. Whatever I rested the camera on to take the picture was obviously not as level as I thought.


Blogger Kacey said...

Tell Wendy that her decorations are lovely and your outdoor tree is very nice, but your yard definitely needs leveling. The husband and I are in sunny south Florida. Even though the neighbors decorate beautifully, it is hard to feel like Christmas is near. I am truly getting old, because I would rather be home in Ohio than here in the sun. But, home is where the kids are and most of mine are just south of you. I must catch up on my favorite bloggers.

7:37 PM  
Blogger Jan said...

I always tell myself that I'm not absent minded, just highly focused on things not mundane...like days, months, years, centuries...

8:07 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

KACEY--I wouldn't mind being in Florida myself during these wintry months. We would be down there too, if just for a week, if there weren't major changes going on at work where we have 'no vacation approval' rules till spring.

Good to hear from you again.

JAN--Probably doesn't help me that I focus on the trivial. I may not know what day it is, but I do know about the cannonball that went through someone's home during a taping of Mythbusters.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Carine said...

love the pictures-Wendy did a particularly lovely table Dave.

I've been blaming the "fog brain" on all the meds that keep me going and my "ignored" thyroid condition. Steve was telling me that I really should discus my forgetfulness w/ the rheumy as my joke about my "steel trap becoming a sieve" was more than true of late.


12:18 PM  
Blogger CAROLDEE said...

When I turned the ole "double nickel" I knew the jig was up. Started losing track of dates and phone numbers. Thank God for the cell phone.. it's a life saver.
The photos are great..her display is beautiful! Hope you both have a happy holiday season.

11:08 AM  
Blogger B.S. said...

Well, I must be old too because I never know either the date or the week day. Except living where I do, I always know when it's Saturday during the fall season. That's unavoidable.

I really like both of your Christmas shots. Not many people bother to decorate the back yard, let's face it.


3:17 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

Ahhh...love the decorations....love the story...but I'm not too keen about being a "senior", though! I'm still 25 years old at heart! ;)

5:53 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

CAROLDEE--You're ahead of me. I can't figure out my wife's cell phone. I'll never have one. Nobody calls me anyway.

B.S.==We used to have that tree in the front yard, but I like in back. You're right, not many do that in our neighborhood. But I think it gives off a kind of Charlie Brown Christmas look.

LEE--I wish I felt 25. Sure, I think and act like I'm young, but my body is disagreeing more and more each day.

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Debbie said...

Yours and Wendy's decorations are gorgeous!

I've learned, ever since my joints began doing impersonations of Rice Krispies in the morning, that age is just a state of mind. :o)

There's Christmas contest (from my publisher) I posted on my blog, and I thought you and Wendy might be interested.

7:37 AM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

DEBBIE--My joints cracking sound more like a big campfire. Thanks for your compliment on the decorations. I'll come over to check out the Christmas contest.

6:40 PM  

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