Tuesday, June 21, 2005

If Grandpa Had A Blog

My grandmother and grandfather used to write me letters. I always enjoyed the contrast in writing styles . . . grandma would bring me up to date on family goings-on and the latest gossip. My grandfather's letter was a minute-by-minute journal of his life. I found one in my scrapbook yesterday.

The letter spoke of a lot of rain they got. Then he wrote that he was going outside to check the rain gauge. The next line would report that he was back, the rain gauge showing three and three-tenths inches of rain. Then he complained how hard it was to type with one finger, his middle finger he said, especially when there was a fly bothering him all the while. "I wished I had a fly swatter. I sure would fix him," he wrote.

Sometimes his typing was interrupted. His daughter and granddaughter stopped to visit and they all canned tomatoes. He also stopped to watch the TV news (Cadillac, Michigan was reporting a lot of rain, he said). He wrote that he told grandma that he was going down the basement to finish his letter to me. So he finished--"Well, Dave and the rest of your family, I think I told about all I know so will say take care and will see you some time."

Grandpa's been gone for some time now. He died over eight years ago at age 89. Grandma died soon after. He wrote this letter when he was 82. I still like reading it. When I read it, I can picture him doing all the things he wrote about, almost like I'm right there with him. Grandpa would have made a great blogger.