Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Extreme Change Spotting

I already blogged about my change spotting. That’s my pastime of looking for and picking up stray coins, anything above a penny. Well, I kind of took it to the next level this past week. I spotted a dime out my car window while stopped at a busy five-lane intersection. The light was red, but my wife wouldn’t let me get out of the car to pick up the dime. So I drove on. Later, I came back with my bike and got the dime.

Last night I was riding my bike around town, getting some exercise and doing a little exploring. Now, I wasn't looking for money. But like a trained bloodhound, if I happen to pick up a scent, I'm on it. I stopped my bike on a rather busy road, got off, and sitting right there by the side of the road was a twenty dollar bill. How 'bout that. And there were no houses around, so it didn't belong to anybody. Mine now.

Now, today I was talking to my brother Tim. He’s a postal carrier, so he has better opportunities to spot change. Or more opportunities anyway. He told me he picked up a dollar sitting in the gutter. A little ways farther he picked up another one. He was hoping for more, but that was it. Another time he found a money clip with twelve dollars in it. That was outside a bar. He thought he was lucky but he found out other postal carriers regularly pick up money too.

It’s one of the perks of being postal worker, I guess.