Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hangin' with Owen

        I just love this picture.  It’s very unusual for me to like a picture of myself enough to post it here on my blog but this one next to my youngest grandson Owen I couldn’t resist posting.  He is such a ham too.   Loves to have his picture taken and has a ready smile each time.  “Cheese,” is one of about a dozen words he knows.

     We watch Owen one day a week, giving his parents’ other babysitter a break.   A little boy old enough to run and play but not necessarily old enough to know better is a challenge at times to grandma and grandpa.  But it’s fun hangin’ with Owen.    We have a simple routine on Tuesdays that involve naps, playtime, meals and usually an outing.  For example, we attend a library program for babies.  Owen has been going since before he could walk so at 15 months old he's a veteran now.

      What’s been most fascinating lately is watching his speech develop.   He’s a regular chatterbox though most of what he “says” is gibberish.  Or is it?  Occasionally we’ll here him say, “Yeah” or “Okay” and it seems in perfect context.

     One day my wife Wendy was changing his diaper and as he wriggled and squirmed, seeming ly distracted by the attention he was getting, my wife asked, “Are you going to pee on me?”

      “Yeah, maybe,” Owen said (we swear).

     More recently we watched all three grandsons one night.   Though we have plenty of toys for them to play with here, Owen often prefers playing with things we wish he wouldn’t handle.  Like our TV remote.  One time we discovered that we’d lost our WiFi connection to Netflix.  Who knows how that happened but Wendy blamed Owen and his penchant for manhandling remotes.

      “So blame the only kid in the room who can’t talk,” I pointed out.

      “Yeah,” Owen said, responding perfectly on cue.

      Besides saying ‘yeah’, he was for a while saying “Yay-yeah”.  With great gusto too.  During a group read at our library’s book babies session, he would suddenly call out “Yay-yeah!”  So the librarian led us reading, “Corduroy went outside to play.”  And Owen shouted out “Yay-yeah.”  He did it more than once too.  I observed that it made our group read sound more like a revival meeting.

      Yesterday, he seemed to even put words together.  I took him down the basement and he spotted a bucket of plastic toy pieces.  “What is that?” he seemed to say.  Could be another milestone in his speech development—forming sentences.  But what made me feel even better is when he called out, “Bampa.” 

     May not be ‘grandpa’, but it was close enough for me.


Blogger Lee said...

What an absolute cutey! I'm a referring to Owen, so stop puffing out your chest, Dave! (The old fella isn't too bad, either. I can't deny it)! :)

Little kids are wonderful...they give so, so much pleasure.

I love this post, Dave...thanks for the smiles. :)

6:53 PM  
Blogger Big Dave said...

You're welcome, Lee. Owen gave the librarian a couple hugs one day, which prompted her to say, "Don't I have the best job." So she would agree with you.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Carine Nadel said...

totally get this Dave! Our youngest and only girl has quite the vocab and uses it! She's gone from gibberish to saying "I went with daddy to the gym and played in the classroom."
Amazing how quick they grow from babies to real kids, no?

3:45 PM  
Blogger Big Dave said...

CARINE--Yeah but when they're your youngest grandson in a family where they're not having any more children, you just hope they don't grow up too fast.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Carine Nadel said...

Bryce is the youngest-no more coming! I hear you!

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Dike said...

That is one cute and precocious little tot, Dave!

One of the perks of having a large family is that our 11 children compete with one another around the number of children they have. Presently we have 12 grands with 1 on the way. Perhaps they acquired their competitive natures whilst cutting their teeth on Michigan State University sports?

How's your March Madness bracket holding up? I intuitively picked the Bonaventure Bonnies over UCLA. We're rabid Houston fans tonight. I'll step back from my Libertarian leanings and stand with Barack Obama on MSU taking it all! GO SPARTANS!!!

9:19 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

MRS DIKE--Sorry I didn't see your response earlier so I could respond but I honestly didn't think with MSU's basketball fortunes, particularly against my maize 'n blue, that you'd be around these parts.

Wasn't that a great win for Michigan over Houston though. Man, felt great. I watched the MSU/Syracuse game with a bunch of MSU fans at my nephew's 40th b-day party on Sunday. My nephew is a HUGE MSU fan. Lots of long faces though and I had to beat it quickly before he opened my gift--a jar of green M&Ms surrounded by maize 'n blue candies with the message, "Forty doesn't seem so many when it's 40 little greenies dominated by maize 'n blue." Despite U of M's success, my brackets went down with the Cavaliers.

A nearby church has a "Maundy Thursday" sign out front and for some reason it reminded me of you. I believe you did a blog or two about that holy day.

Thanks for having the courage to stop by.

9:24 AM  
Blogger dellgirl said...

Oh he is such a cutie, simply adorable! What a heartwarming story, I love Owen's "yay-yeah's", they remind me of my ONLY grandson's interjections when he was that age. He constantly baffled us with the things that came out of his mouth.

Bampa is a cute one. Don't you kinda wish it would "stick"? That's sort of the way I got to be MiMi, and I love it.

Just checking in to say hello and wish you a great week.

8:44 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

DELLGIRL--Thanks, both for the compliments on my grandson and your wishes for a great week. We're nervous about getting an estimate for work we need done on our kitchen. If it comes in what we budgeted, it'll be a great week.

Owen hasn't called me 'bampa' lately but, yes, that would be neat if that could be my calling card with him.

2:55 PM  

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