Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bucket List Revisited

     Two years ago when I first retired I wrote out a bucket list of things I wanted to do.  Now that I’m 62 and more officially a senior--at least according to the local movie house that offers discounts beginning at that particular age--I thought I’d revisit the list.

     Scratch off the Ireland trip.  Been there, done that . . . though it was kinda planned at the time I’d composed my original bucket list so not a big deal.  My other major travel goals aren’t likely to come to fruition anytime soon, however.  We haven’t bought a camper yet and the trips we are planning right now, to an oceanside condo this year and Alaska next year, were not on my original bucket list.

    My writing efforts thus far have been anemic.  Though getting something published was on my list, I’ve done a few short stories but nothing truly significant.  Even putting up one new blog a month seems a chore at times.

    I have rationalized that some of the videos I’ve made with my grandsons could be counted as creative efforts since I used the Microsoft Moviemaker program with editing, sound effects and music.  Maybe someday one could go viral though I doubt it.

    Speaking of my grandsons, I discovered that my ‘bucket list’ blog of a couple years ago included a picture of my newborn grandson.  So I thought I might as well include a then and now picture of Luke here.  He’s a big boy now but I can still see the resemblance to his newborn photo.

   I did kinda scratch off another item from my original bucket list:  9. Learn to golf.  I've never done it.  But I figure it's never too late to learn.”  Coincidentally, my son Scott wanted to play a round of golf for his final bachelor’s fling before getting married next month.  And last weekend we did.

    My other son Greg loaned me an extra set of clubs so I could practice my swing.  I “honed” my skills at a couple local driving ranges.  Then it was tee time.  I was surprised the fairways weren’t wider; I was expecting more hitting space like at the driving range.

    Almost immediately, my ball went off into the woods somewhere.  Also, almost immediately after the five of us started, I discovered there’s somebody else on the golf course besides golfers and caddies.  He’s called a course ranger, an employee whose job it is to keep things moving.

    I did appreciate that this ranger found my ball in the woods, but his demands that we “go faster” seemed impossible.  Heck, it took me 13 strokes to get my ball in the first hole (is that a quintuple bogey?).  And that’s not counting penalty strokes since I gave up trying to get out of the woods when the trees kept getting in the way.  Throwing the ball got me farther.

    We ended up playing ‘best ball’ which meant we all played the ball which was hit closest to the pin, or cup, or whatever they call it.  I had very few of the best shots.  One time I did have a nice straight drive down the fairway.  Everyone else in our party had hit their ball into the woods.  No wonder we were constantly shadowed by these rangers.  We should have told those guys they need to cut down some of these trees.

    Anyhoo, when I found my ball in the middle of the fairway, there was another ball ‘better’, about ten yards ahead.  It was from my son Scott whose shot had caromed off at least one tree by the sound of it.  But it pinballed back into play and ahead of mine.  Such was my day “learning to golf.”

    A few days later I had monster bruises down my right arm.  My son Greg told me, around about the seventeenth hole, that I was swinging the racket, er, club with my forearm when the power should be coming from my backhard.  Maybe that’s why my forearm was so bruised.

    Well, I figure I can scratch learning to golf from my bucket list, one way or another.  Wonder if I have something similarly physical on there.  Oh, oh.  Waterskiing. 

    New plan.  Every two years I do a new bucket list.


Blogger Lee said...

I've not played golf for many years...but I used to love the game...I only played socially, never competitively, but I did enjoy the game. I still like watching the various comps on TV, too. I think I like the game because it's such an individual's all up to the person team mates to lean on or to blame! It's up to you, the player. lol

Luke is a beautiful boy. :)

11:23 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

LEE--Despite my bruises, I definitely want to give it another try. I'm not the athletic type though, so my guess is those course rangers won't leave me alone anytime soon.

Luke's a cutie, I agree. He likes his naps too, which is a plus when we watch him.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Carine Nadel said...

I hear you on the anemic writing Dave. In fact my own blog this week is on just the very same subject! As for golf, Steve used to play but has only gone 3 times in our 35 years of marriage. too expensive and now living out here on the face of the sun-too hot.
I like the idea of a new bucket list every couple of years. personally, sounds easier to change one than wonder why we didn't do anything on the list.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Big Dave said...

CARINE--LOL . . . living on the face of the sun. As I get older I find I can tolerate heat less. And here in Michigan you have the humidity to make it feel worse.

5:40 AM  
Blogger Carine Nadel said...

I don't really mind the heat unless it's w/ a proposed monsoon attached. then I'm imagining that it's the same you feel w/ the humidity.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous debbie roppolo said...

Hi Dave!

Long time no comment, I'm ashamed to say. I just recently found a VERY old blog of mine, and am trying to visit as many old friends as I can.

Glad to see that you're enjoying retirement!

7:08 PM  
Blogger Big Dave said...

DEBBIE--Hi, nice to hear from you again. Every time I pass a "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book display, I think of your story. I'm not as active on the blogosphere as I used to be but I'm still here.

4:15 AM  

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