Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A Winter Of Discontent

     Blast this snow and cold here in Michigan.  We're used to winters here but c'mon!  Enough is enough.  Just today I slipped on the ice right near my porch.  Not long ago my wife slipped on our driveway and fell face first into an inch of snow that had fallen overnight.  And I've gone through big jugs of ice melt, taking the last one from the shelves of our local store.  And that was weeks ago!

     Our driveway entrance has so much ice and snow build-up courtesy of the local snowplows that it almost takes four-wheel drive to just pull in.  I've been approached by movie execs asking if they could use my driveway to train new stunt drivers for the next James Bond movie.

     I thought the missus and I could get a break by heading south, though that would take us around Atlanta and I remember what happened there with far less snow and ice than what we have.  The expressways became a parking lot for a couple days.

     And though it was springtime temperatures in Atlanta last week, driving through there wasn't a breeze.  Whether driving north or south on I-75, we had to dodge shutdowns on the freeway.  I thought the problem earlier was just the icy weather but maybe Atlantans just can't drive.  Or maybe I'm just discontented and feel grumpy when it comes to Georgia.

     I mean, we hit the welcome center at Georgia and I wait my turn at the customer service counter so I can ask the travel adviser if there's an Atlanta Bread Company just off I-75.  She punches something into her computer, frowns, then says, "It says there are no stores in your state.  That's weird."

     Well, yeah lady.  You think a place called the Atlanta Bread Company would have at least one outlet in their home state.  But she moved on to helping other customers.  Then before we hit Atlanta, traffic back-ups forced us off the interstate but savvy driver that I am, I followed a line of traffic also getting off and probably knowing a way around this mess.  But the semi-truck I was following pulled a lane-switch at a busy intersection, leaving me stranded in the left turn lane.  More discontent.  And I turned the corner just as the crossing gates came down adjacent to some railroad tracks.  Yet more discontent.  And for a train that never came.  Extreme discontent.

     Finally, we were meandering around Atlanta looking for the Atlanta Bread Company since I found out there was one near (they actually have over 20 stores throughout Georgia).  Stopped at a traffic light, a driver in the next lane motioned me to roll down my window which I did.  "Are you looking for something?" he asked.  I told him the Atlanta Bread Company and he pointed to a nearby shopping strip.  HE should be behind that counter at the Georgia welcome center.

    They are promising a break in the weather soon but I actually had some even better news as my beloved Michigan Wolverines won the conference basketball championship this week.  That's much to the chagrin of Michigan State fans.  My boss is a die-hard Michigan State Spartan fan.  While I was south, my Wolverines beat his Spartans in fact.  I e-mailed him from my hotel, saying that I was looking for news as to how the basketball game came out.  His response:


*expletive deleted*



I think you can imagine what he said, though he did abbreviate it rather than spell it out.  Ah, that winter of discontent is worse for some than for others.

My poor grandsons haven't been able to play much outside this winter, as deep as the snow has been and as cold as it is still.  But, watching monster movies with grandpa provides some relief from our winter of discontent.


Blogger Lee said...

I don't know how you all have coped/are coping in that terrible winter (now spring) you're experiencing.

Snow might look pretty on Christmas cards and in rom-com movies, but having to deal with it day in and day out for so long would drive me insane.

Stay safe...let's hope it warms up for you very soon...and you can all start thawing out...and stop slipping on driveways etc.

Take care, Dave. :)

4:50 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

Those bubs are beautiful, by the way. :)

4:50 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

LEE--Thanks. I overheard someone at work saying she thought the recent snowfall was pretty. I said maybe in December it was, but not anymore. Some people still have their Christmas lights up outside and turn them on at night. Might as well. The weather's too cold and snowy to take them down from roofs, trees, etc.

Thanks too for the compliment on my grandboys.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Carine Nadel said...

I don't know how you've held out Dave. We all know how I love the cold. brrrrr.

may the Spring thaw come to you very soon. Poor kids-we have just the opposite problem out here. boys are outside plenty in the winter-but in another 6 weeks, it will be too hot for man, child or animal.

12:01 PM  
Blogger CAROLDEE said...

DITTO the discontent thing..our driveway is just as bad and I take my life in my hands just trying to get to the road mailbox. HORRID.. so tired of white it is not funny. I dread the flooding when all this melts.. it has been a winter to forget but know we won't. Sorry you had so much trouble in the south.. I think they all are in shock that mother nature DARED include them in the ice and snow we are suffering through. GREAT photo..that is a real keeper the kids are so cute.. Take care

7:23 AM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

CARINE--Let's hope we both get a long spring with pleasant temperatures, no extremes. Just something that would allow us to go take a walk and enjoy the sunshine.

CAROLDEE--This winter has affected pretty much everyone. Of course, there is an up-side for some too, like my son who works for the government in Washington. They've had a couple snow days with just a couple inches of snow but enough to shut down the government. Here in Michigan, we got BURIED in snow and ice, but we're expected to report for work regardless.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Madeleine said...

Adorable photo, with the exception of your ugly shirt.

We are going to Atlanta to see a daughter graduate from Georgia Tech at the beginning of May. She has a job working for Bell Helicopter following graduation.

You've probably seen President Obama's bracket for the NCAA Tournament already. Great to see him predicting your boss' and my SPARTANS for the win!

Alas, I'm willing to wager by the scared look on your face in that cute photo that your "monster movie" was actually the Big Ten Championship Game. We were in NYC at another daughter's wedding when we heard the news. Weddings and championships - moments, big as years!

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Bonnie said...

Last comment was mine, not my daughter's. Your winter of discontent is continuing as SPARTANS join the Sweet Sixteen, perhaps.

12:17 PM  
Blogger Big Dave T said...

BONNIE--I figured there couldn't be two fiercely partisan Spartan miscreants in your family, so I knew it was you. Just don't borrow her Facebook profile to post--if she has one--that would really be wrong.

I thought you would be thankful for your big brothers' letting you take one of three games this season to earn a little redemption. It was a little tougher for your guys to earn their Sweet 16 berth but Harvard should no way have been scarier than Grant's crab monsters. You know too, Obama is usually wrong. Check his past brackets.

We have a wedding coming up, our youngest son in 2015.

6:48 AM  

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